About the Book

Red AI: Victories and Warnings From China’s Rise In Artificial Intelligence is the definitive book on one of the most controversial topics of our time. It

dispels the myth and hyperbole surrounding China’s position in the artificial intelligence race against the United States.


It is the first book based on thorough investigations on the Chinese AI industry with intriguing narratives that shed light on China AI for global policy makers, business and technology professionals.


From facial recognition, surveillance, speech recognition, autonomous driving, robotics, AI chips, healthcare, financial services, and other sectors, the book unveils what is really happening behind the scenes in all these areas.

Read Nina Xiang's new book on US-China Tech War

US-China Tech War focuses on China's semiconductor industry, the epicenter of the current US-China tech friction. Many people do not understand that despite decades of Chinese government-led effort to boost its chips industry, China has lagged far behind other countries, demonstrating that sometimes government incentives alone can't spur meaningful technological upgrade.

The book also dispels a number of myths about how China progressed technologically that is popular in the West. The whole-nation model and forced technology transfer shouldn't be counted as important reasons for how China progressed technologically. China's efforts to stimulate home-grown tech will also face challenges that Beijing has encountered in the past.


China's tech tradition and tech DNA have an important influence on China's technology development. The country's strength in tech applications has deep roots. This will also determine how U.S.-China tech rivalry will play out in the future.

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Author Nina Xiang, a veteran China-based tech journalist who has tracked the Chinese AI industry for years, interviewed hundreds of people and traveled to dozens of Chinese cities to bring the industry alive with vivid detail. Nina Xiang presents a sweeping overview of an industry that is still largely misunderstood.

Quotes from Red AI:

“Our success in becoming a leading AI company is impossible without the correct leadership of the Party and the strong support of all levels of government.”

Bob Fu, president of Megvii Inc.

“I believe Chinese people...are not that sensitive about privacy. If they can exchange privacy for convenience, they are willing in most cases.”

Robin Li, chairman and CEO of Baidu

"I watched the TV show Transformers everyday, and I had dreams of (making) robots when I was a little boy."

James Zhou, founder of Ubtech Robotics

“Because of its strong government relationships, the company could easily get the most lucrative contracts from the government. Sometimes, when making money is too easy, you lose the opportunity to make money that’s harder to earn.”

An anonymous source

About the Author

Nina Xiang is the founder of China Money Network, a news and data platform tracking China’s smart investments and technology innovation.


After graduating as the valedictorian in high school in China, she went on a distinguished journalism career serving in editorial positions at Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Euromoney Institutional Investor, China Radio International and China Business Network in Beijing, New York, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.


With nearly 15 years of media experience and as an expert on the Chinese venture capital and technology sector, she is an agenda contributor for the World Economic Forum and contributes to foster cross-border technology cooperation.